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Doing the Pocky game :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 16 4 Always there for a friend! :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 15 18 Happy mothers Day 2017 :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 15 9 TROIK trailer 2 :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 18 2 Helping Cian with his garden :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 13 5 The Rights and Wrongs of Gardening :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 15 7 Fun times with Woomies! fanart :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 18 14 Happy birthday Didy! :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 14 5 Didy's new tamagotchi sona :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 7 10 Hangin out with Eevee :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 16 9 Gear 2 upgraded :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 14 7 Maze trouble :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 15 5 Jay the moonstone gal :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 16 8 Watching the night stars :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 15 7 In pink ink together :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 25 18 Ojo and Codnia's date :icon123emilymason:123emilymason 15 11


Espio and the Shimada Brothers :iconspikehedgelion8:SpikeHedgelion8 3 0
Retrospective on Life...
Y'know, I've been on the Internet for a very long time. Ever since High School, I've been a mildly prominent face throughout various fanbases. I remember back in the day when my Best Friend introduced me to the Legendary Pokemon Forums. At the time, I was under the name of "mystery.55". A name that remains prominent in my life to this day.
When I opened my YouTube Channel, I started off making simple comments on my favorite vids. Back then, I lacked the resources and know-how to make my own vids. But, unlike most assholes these days, I was fairly mellow when making my comments. Overall, my origins were very humble.
It wasn't until My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic came into my life that things got REALLY interesting. It all started when I was still in the Pokemon Forums. An old friend of mine, Giratina88, was the first to bring the madness forth. Like so many others, I was skeptical. Having been exposed to G3 in the past, I couldn't help but feel concerned. Needless to say, those con
:iconghostoftime1:ghostoftime1 3 7
My own headband :iconxdmario:Xdmario 9 16 Madness Combat JH08 :iconjamaicanhedgie08:JamaicanHedgie08 7 8 Hang in there Mario :iconseantheinkling:SeantheInkling 5 4 New Discovery? :iconapplemobile:Applemobile 3 0 So far so good :iconmamatesu:MamaTesu 7 15 Lost In Lowee :iconrbx2:RBX2 19 2 Random Hanna Doodles - Cute and Derpy :iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 11 1 Julie Babysitting :iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 8 2 Xdmario :iconseantheinkling:SeantheInkling 6 8 Meeting Bob the Retarded :iconmrmadness02:MrMadness02 13 9 Me Becoming pokemon Yo-kai Steendansita :iconcutiercosita:cutiercosita 5 0 Kunikuen Region's Grass Starter Background :iconaridiapizarro:AridiaPizarro 6 27 The Story of Evil - Len :iconhsk0254:Hsk0254 3,353 182 Daughter and Servant of Evil :icontoastiecallie:toastiecallie 456 37


Always there for a friend!
Mario is a super kind friend along with the others. And I always know that I'm there to help no matter what! Mario. I' sorry about what happen, But you can't give in now! You have great friends like us! And what ever happens I'm always there for a friend like you!
:iconxdmario: Mario
Happy mothers Day 2017
My mother and Toriel came to see me and Jay! Don't worry Angelica is still Jay's mother. But Toriel see Jay as a son.
:icontheinktoling: Jay
The Rights and Wrongs of Gardening
A picture idea for good old Crispy toast! Gardening will be fun for the Rights and Wrongs show!
Shadow's a bad gardener.. hehe don't tell him.
As for me myself. I am a great gardener! Heck I learnt it at school!
Fun times with Woomies! fanart
I love fun times with Woomies! So I decided to make this! it can be a fanart or a new channel art.
Hangin out with Eevee
(*sighing* I know the squid hat changes colour slightly.. but now I have to use one of the materials.. but now I wont see the material.)
my fav pokemon Eevee now has a inkling sona! so me, Jay and Eevee decide to hangout
:icontheinktoling: Jay
Ashely's in trouble!
Ashely was training with Casey but they forgot that the rocks are hard to find! Ashely saved Casey but gets wounded herself! Will Casey save Ashely!?
:iconotakuxover24: Ashely and Casey
:icontheinktolinglegend: Jay
My little moonstone..
You have the power of sans
My love is as strong as yours.
We're filled with determination.
your chocolate's like butterflies of rainbows.
Your skin is as smooth as my garnet heart
And I'll love you with friendship and kindness.. *smooches the neck


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
If you love crossovers then this is for you! I love requests and I always do my best!
My friends! (including bffs)


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SeantheInkling Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  New Deviant  Digital Artist
Hay Emily, can I need tell you about solan. He's a nice pal.

And I just want to be nice to him and get along, because he loves you as a friend and so am I.
BronyVideoGamer Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
Hey Emily? Do you still remember me? It's been a while since my last request, and I came up with a new one that has Yoshi, Lilac, Carol, Milla, and Shantae involved. What do you think?
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Thanks for the fave
123emilymason Featured By Owner 7 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
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Hey Emily, what'd you think of my newest drawing? :D…
123emilymason Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
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Yep, and I bet Mac looks great in his Robin outfit, and Frankie sure looks beautiful in her Robin girl outfit! :D (Big Grin) 
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Thanks for faves
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